We open our Archives for everyone considering about Ukraine War


We, Satoshi Mori (Uni. Tokyo) and Masamichi Kagaya decided to open our Archives of Autoradiograph for everyone, which is a visual record of radioactive contamination mainly taken at the University of Tokyo. We hope our works would reduce the tension of the nuclear war between Ukraine and Russia and draw attention to another nuclear disaster that might happen in the future.

Archive site: https://www.autoradiograph.org/en

This archive is including 2D and 3D autoradiographs had been taken around East Japan and Chornobyl since 2011.

Statement: We Japanese have suffered from the nuclear disaster of TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. It had an impact on every aspect of our society such as the environment, economy, health, etc. And it continues.

If we have another nuclear incident in Ukraine, we can not avoid radioactive contamination. Its impact would extend to not only Russia indicating to use of that weapon and Europe but also the countries joining international food trading. It would be the same or much worse impact than the one we saw in Chornobyl nuclear disaster in 1986.

We hope this insane war and the tension of another nuclear disaster would end as soon as possible and our works in this archive could be something to stop using Nuclear weapons and destroying nuclear power plants.

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Archive site: https://www.autoradiograph.org/en

Masamichi Kagaya