New image 62 : Autoradiograph 3D – Glove -

Nagadoro Iitate Village (Oct. 2013) Radiation level:1450cpm (highest part) Subsequence the previous Autoradiograph 3D soccerball, we made 3D from a glove which was a cover image of our book published in Japan. Whitish light shows the contamination. We photographed the back side of the hand for the first time. We can see the strong contamination

Autoradiograph was appeared on Japnese TV

news24 Recent exhibition in Saitama Prececture was appeared on air 29th October and explained very well about Autoradiograph despite in short period. It was narrated in Japanese but it was also posted on their website. I share it. Masamichi

GEO photo-magazine

Our autoradiograph “Boots” appeared on Germany photo-magazine GEO, August 2016. Many thanks to the editor Mr. Peter Unterthurner.

New image 49 : Roof ornamentation

Fade in Return Tomioka Town(March 2016) Radiation level:130-700cpm This is a roof ornamentation called “Onigawara” in Japanese. It’s large sample, so it needs 5 times exposures to make whole figure appear on an image. I finished 2 exposures. This is still on the process. We can find strong contamination around outer frame. (Masamichi)