New image 75 : Cherry trunk (3D)

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Ide Namie town, 10km from the plant (September 2017)
Radiation level:280 ~ 1200 cpm

We created 3D Autoradiograph from cherry trunk. It is for the fist time to create 3D from plants. If we came up with the idea of building 3-dimensional Autoradiograph much earlier, you could see it ever since 2011 and observed its transition every year. I regret it so much. I hope it never happen but if we have another nuclear disaster on this planet, researchers or photographers would do it. This is the solution to visualize radiactive contamination and this is what should be inherited.

We can see high contamination around lenticels. I believe it remains as it was in 2011 and other parts of the bark fell down and renewed by new one during this 6 years. Because we can not see heavy fallout on the surface in spite of the fact that this tree was standing in the most contaminated area in Namie Town.

You can see the flat Autoradiograph below, too.

_DSC8050 (1)_1024px



(Masamichi Kagaya)

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