New image 73 : Tatami mat



Tomioka Town (June 2017)
Radiation level:160cpm

Supported by a former resident in Tomioka Town, we started taking Autoradiograph from Tatami mat with German architect. This one year project is aiming to archive the architecture standing in disaster area and going to be demolished in a few years. This is totally his idea and we are asked to take Autoradiograph. He is going to rebuilt this architecture with 3D technology.

This Autoradiograph is from part 2 in color image above. Tatami mat 180cmx90cm is a quite small piece of this house but it’s huge size for taking Autoradiograph which will take one year to complete.

We can see so many of radioactive particles on the image. They are insoluble and flowed even into inside house. You can also see an Autoradiograph of a tie hanging in this room on our App.

(Masamichi Kagaya)

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