New image 72 : Feater (comparison)

hane nimai_rv_1024px


Left – Obori Namie (April 2017)
Right – Tokyo (April 2017)

Radiation level:
Left – 90cpm
Right – Background level

This is an autoradiograph of a feather collected in Namie Town in comparison to the one in Tokyo. I picked up almost same size of feathers right around the same time, so I made a comparison autoradiograph with them.

We are continuing to make comparison autoradiographs because when we came out with a book in Japan, we received several responses saying that every sample could be photographed like we made or we need to compare uncontaminated things to contaminated ones.

When you look at this, you might think that Tokyo isn’t contaminated. It’s not right but showing that there is such difference between the feathers in heavily contaminated area and in low level contaminated area.

I treated carefully the contaminated feather from Namie Town (left) but we can see the radioactive particles dropped from it and surrounding the sample on this image.

We have made Autoradiographs from a feather in 2012 and from a few of birds. You can see these images on the App from the link below.

(Masamichi Kagaya)

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