New image 65:Wild Strawberry


Obori, Namie Town(November 2016)
Radiation level:
Berry – 130~140cpm
Leaves – 150~160cpm
Root – 3100cpm

When we investigated in Namie Town last autumn, I found wild strawberries grew up on wet ground and it spread surface of the ground. I believed it should have been highly contaminated so I decided to collect it. According to science reports from Chernobyl, wild strawberries were know to absorb radiation like mushrooms.

I tried to take autoradiograph of the entire body of this plant and compare to find out which parts absorbed the radiation. In the color image, the berry is upper center, we can see two extra roots in the center and left which climbed out from the main root. I knocked repeatedly to remove the soil as much as possible from these roots.




Looking at the autoradiograph, we can see strong contamination on roots due to soil which was not removed and the berry contains radiation more than leaves.

(Masamichi Kagaya)

Before collecting and measuring radiation with survey meter

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