New image 60 : Autoradiograph 3D – Soccer ball -

autoradiograph3dObori, Namie Town(June 2013), 9km from the power plant
Radiation level:280~770cpm (mesured on each faces)


In this autumn we tried to photograph radiation as a 3 dimension object. We believed that it would seem more real and we may find and observe more precisely how the contamination had happened.

This time we used a soccer ball from whcih we made an autoradiograph before and already published in a book.

Radiation appears as whitish shining part on the image. We can find the fallout on upper side and dissolved radioactive materials on the entire surface. By photographing as 3D, we can see at the same time the side which directrly received the fallout and the other side. Contrary to expectation, the most uncontaminated part (black part) exists just beside the most contaminated part.

In the making process, first of all, we cut 32 faces (pentagon and hexagon) out of this ball and took autoradiographs all of them. Secondly I build an elaborate 3D model from its color image and finally put 32 faces’ autoradiographs on the surface in the correct direction and linked them to other ones precisely.

We can project this 3D Autoradiograph on screen in the next coming exhibition and visitors can manipulate it as they want (rotate, zoom, translate).

This technique can be widely applicable to the object which have smooth surface from cloths to architecture. And I believe this is the first in history that radioactive contamination was displayed as 3D object.

You can manipulate this autoradiograph

■ making process


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