New image 74 : Tile on roof

Obori Namie Town (September 2017), 10 km from the plant Radiation level:10000 cpm This tile was part of the roof of a house that was destroyed by the earthquake and still remains in ruins as it was at that time. The roof fell down and the tile was abandoned. It had been washed by rain

Measurements of bicycle saddle

Dr. Satoshi Mori measured the radiation level of artificial leather of bicycle saddle for this Autoradiograph project. Thank you so much. Please check other 3-dimensional autoradiographs on App, too (Glove, boot and box of laundry detergent). Radiation level: Cs134 : 873 Bq/kg Cs137 : 9559 Bq/kg K40 : ND 520 cpm Location:Namie Town (Masamichi

New image 70 : Comparing 3 excrement

Japanese Macaca (left), Wild Boar (center), Human (right) Radiation Level : Japanese macaque – 540cpm Wild Boar – 240cpm Human – 60cpm(Background level) Japanese macaque – Cs-134, Cs-137 : 6717, 48148 Bq/kg Wild Boar – Cs-134, Cs-137 : 3214, 23132 Bq/kg Human – ND Location : Japanese macaque – Obori Namie (Apr. 2017) Wild Boar

New image 62 : Autoradiograph 3D – Glove -

Nagadoro Iitate Village (Oct. 2013) Radiation level:1450cpm (highest part) Subsequence the previous Autoradiograph 3D soccerball, we made 3D from a glove which was a cover image of our book published in Japan. Whitish light shows the contamination. We photographed the back side of the hand for the first time. We can see the strong contamination