New image 71 : Parus minor

Parus minor Ide Namie Town (Oct. 2016) Radiation Level : 60cpm We found this parus minor in extremely high contaminated area in a mountain area of Namie Town, where air dose is around 10μSv/h even now. We can see high internal contamination in the breast muscle and external contamination from the head to the tail

New image 70 : Comparing 3 excrement

Japanese Macaca (left), Wild Boar (center), Human (right) Radiation Level : Japanese macaque – 540cpm Wild Boar – 240cpm Human – 60cpm(Background level) Japanese macaque – Cs-134, Cs-137 : 6717, 48148 Bq/kg Wild Boar – Cs-134, Cs-137 : 3214, 23132 Bq/kg Human – ND Location : Japanese macaque – Obori Namie (Apr. 2017) Wild Boar

New image 69 : Box of wash powder – 3D -

Hirusone Namie Town(March 2017) Radiation level : 880 cpm This powder box had remained as it was in March 2011 just for 6 years. We can see radioactive particles within the house dust on the top. Sampling point and surveying radiation level

New image 62 : Autoradiograph 3D – Glove -

Nagadoro Iitate Village (Oct. 2013) Radiation level:1450cpm (highest part) Subsequence the previous Autoradiograph 3D soccerball, we made 3D from a glove which was a cover image of our book published in Japan. Whitish light shows the contamination. We photographed the back side of the hand for the first time. We can see the strong contamination