New image 68 : Boot – 3D -

Recommend to see on full screen. Location : Kawahusa, Namie Town (March 2017), 17 km from plant Radiation Level : 2700 cpm This boot was abandoned outside. We can notably see radioactive contamination on the top of the foot. It looks like that the former resident used it when radioactive rain or snow were falling.

New image 66:Outer skin of snakes

Outer skin of Quadrivirgata (September 2015) Outer skin of Climacophora (July 2016) Location: Quadrivirgata – Kawahusa Namie (September 2015) Climacophora – Obori Namie (July 2016) Levels of radiation: Outer skin of Quadrivirgata – 500cpm Entrails of Quadrivirgata – 550cpm Outer skin of Climacophora – 240cpm We have been catching, dissecting and taking Autoradiograph from snakes

New image 65:Wild Strawberry

Obori, Namie Town(November 2016) Radiation level: Berry – 130~140cpm Leaves – 150~160cpm Root – 3100cpm When we investigated in Namie Town last autumn, I found wild strawberries grew up on wet ground and it spread surface of the ground. I believed it should have been highly contaminated so I decided to collect it. According to

New image 62 : Autoradiograph 3D – Glove -

Nagadoro Iitate Village (Oct. 2013) Radiation level:1450cpm (highest part) Subsequence the previous Autoradiograph 3D soccerball, we made 3D from a glove which was a cover image of our book published in Japan. Whitish light shows the contamination. We photographed the back side of the hand for the first time. We can see the strong contamination