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64 autoradiographs included (September 2017)
Constantly update latest autoradiographs

[Latest update]
Add 3D Autoradiographs for the first time and totally add the following 14 new Autoradiographs

- Glove 3D (2017)
- Soccer ball 3D (2017)
- Boot 3D (2017)
- Box of laundry detergent 3D (2017)
- Head of fish〔comparison〕 (2015)
- Excrement〔comparison〕 (2017)
- Wild Strawberry (2016)
- Galls on cryptomeria (2016)
- Tie (2016)
- Grass cutter blade (2016)
- Cosmos (2016)
- Asteroideae (2015)
- Cypress Cones 1 (2016)
- Cypress Cones 2 (2016)

Consequent to the Great East Japan Earthquake and ensuing tsunami on March 11, 2011, huge amounts of radioactive particles were released into the air. We are unaware of the presence of radiation… it is too small to see; it cannot be heard; and it is odorless. Therefore, despite living in a region contaminated with radioactive particles, to this day, we Japanese are not consciously aware of the radiation.

In this App, dozens of radiographic images of plants created by Satoshi Mori, Professor emeritus, Tokyo University since 2011 are on display together with radiographic images of everyday items and animals. This collection of radiographic images (autoradiographs) is the first in history to be created by radiation resulting from a nuclear accident. I hope that viewers will come away with a sense of the extent of contamination in all regions subject to the fallout… not just those limited to Fukushima.

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